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Get The Glow – 6 Top Tips To Get Your Skin From Lacklustre To Luminous

Six Simple Steps To Luminous And Glowing Skin

Dewy. Yoga Skin. Healthy. You can call it many things but essentially we’re all going after glow right now. For your route to radiance read my top tips on how to take your skin from lacklustre to luminous no matter your age or skin type:

Clean Your Canvas

Skin is never going to look bright and glowy if its dirty or tired. End of. And I’m not necessary an advocate of double cleansing either… a one-step once-over morning and night will remove dulling debris like dirt, oil and pollution. Do it twice if you wear heavy makeup or have been doing heavy duty exercise.

Super Charge Your Cleanse

Skin brushing is not just for the body…invest in The Cleanser from Flexi Skin Tools to take your cleansing to the next level. Use once a day to harness the power of those silicone bristles and deliver a deep cleanse. It also stimulates circulation and cell turnover. Just team with the right cleanser for your skin type – and don’t over undo it.

Embrace Acid Exfoliators

Use a product that contains AHAs and BHAs – especially if you have oily skin. Otherwise known as alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxy acids they work on unsticking the ‘glue’ that holds dull, dead skin on the skin’s surface. I like Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse – a little goes a long way. Drier skins would be better with choosing a balm or an oil to cleanse instead as acids can be quiet drying but I’d recommend using a toner like Pore Minimising Tonic, again by Medik8, afterwards.

Take A Deep Dive

A monthly deep cleansing facial will remove blackheads and blemishes and keep pores tight and toned. I’m one of the few facialists in Edinburgh to offer an extraction – the only way to get rid of blackheads. This is an essential component in getting the glow. Or consider a Glycolic Acid Peel – this gentle glycolic acid treatment penetrates the top layer of skin helping you to shed off the old skin cells revealing a fresh, youthful glow.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Sheets Masks are amazing for hydrating and smoothing skin. For an affordable drink for the skin, look no further than Alex Steinherr x Primark skincare and her Supreme Sheet Mask. It doesn’t drip and quenches even the thirstiest of faces. The Franz Premium Active Ingredient Micro Current Mask system – available through Elizabeth M – is, meanwhile, the Rolls Royce of face masks delivering nutrient deep into the skin courtesy of a clever microcurrent delivery system.

Choose The Right Ingredients

As far as glow-getting ingredients go, retinol is the ultimate weapon. Great for speeding up skin cell turnover (letting new fresh cells emerge) and evening out the complexion. I like [insert recommendation]. Supercharge this by using it in your regime with a brightening Vitamin C serum which locks onto retinol like rosemary to garlic.

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