<strong>Collagen Induction Therapies – Fact or Fiction?</strong>

Elizabeth M consulting with client about collagen induction therapies

Fact. There’s no doubt about it! Collagen induction therapies work for when you’re heading into your 40’s and are concerned your skin might start to drop. There’s no fiction to it, here’s why. You can expect your skin to tighten, plump up and glow after a course of focused therapies. We use non-invasive treatments resulting […]

Skincare Trends and Predictions For 2022

2022 Skincare Trends and Predictions

2022 Skincare Trends and Predictions 2022 is set to be a big year for skincare as we start investing more time than ever in feeling and looking our best. I’ve put together some of my 2022 skincare trends and predictions for what I’m expecting to see throughout the year. As you all know, I’m a […]

Get The Glow – 6 Top Tips To Get Your Skin From Lacklustre To Luminous

Girl thinking about luminous skin and skincare routines

Six Simple Steps To Luminous And Glowing Skin Dewy. Yoga Skin. Healthy. You can call it many things but essentially we’re all going after glow right now. For your route to radiance read my top tips on how to take your skin from lacklustre to luminous no matter your age or skin type: Clean Your […]

Healthy Skin Habits

Good habits to promote healthy skincare - Young woman with towel on Head

It only takes a bit of mindfulness to begin healthy skin habits. Here are three great habits to start you on the road to better skin: 1. I have an experiment for you: spend the rest of your day mindful of how often you touch your face. It’s amazing how we absentmindedly rest a cheek […]

Why A Bespoke Facial?

Elizabeth M recommends - why bespoke facial treatment

Facials have become ubiquitous; from hair salons to high street shops, day spas to department stores, everyone seems to be doing facials nowadays. But are these facials actually good for your skin? Sometimes. For most places, offering facials is a money spinner to complement other services—say, massage therapy or pedicures. They often use products by […]

It’s Peel Season

Young woman in Facial Mud mask - What about a Facial peel to offset the british weather

After months of sunscreen, fake tan, and maybe a little too much actual sun (especially with the cracking British weather we had!), it’s time to give your skin a break. Autumn means wind, rain, and temperatures that can go up or down a dozen degrees in a day. Our skin is easily confused at this […]

New Treatment: Bespoke Lifting Lumity Facial

Lumity Facial Oils on golden tray

I’m aware that some people are skeptical about using facial oils, especially those with oily skin. The ones on the market today, however, have their roots in science and research, combining pure, healing oils to create potions that can help your skin look luminous. Lumity is the gold standard of facial oils on the market […]

Your Clean and Green Routine

green and clean sustainable skincare routine

“Clean and Green” are buzzwords in the beauty industry, so why are so many anti-ageing treatments focused on harsh chemicals, fillers, and even surgery? As a beauty therapist and anti-ageing expert, I understand how traumatic the ageing process can be. It is easy to jump on the latest bandwagon in search of the elusive fountain […]

Back To School Skincare

young woman looking in mirror practising back to school skincare routine

Oh, to have a child’s skin again! Once a child is around 12, it is a great idea to start a skincare routine. Adding skincare to a child’s evening routine will help build a foundation that will serve him or her well for the coming teenage years. For pre-teens, look for an organic cleanser without […]