young woman looking in mirror practising back to school skincare routine

Back To School Skincare

Oh, to have a child’s skin again! Once a child is around 12, it is a great idea to start a skincare routine. Adding skincare to a child’s evening routine will help build a foundation that will serve him or her well for the coming teenage years.

For pre-teens, look for an organic cleanser without mineral oil or other chemical nasties. Follow with an oil-free moisturiser.

Teenage skin is more complex. Again, organic cleansers are the way to go. Skincare for teenagers doesn’t have to be expensive. Apple cider vinegar on a piece of cotton wool re-balances the natural pH of the skin. For moisturiser, look for something oil-free or containing salicylic acid. I don’t recommend facials for anyone under age 14. Young skin is changing all the time and can be overwhelmed by products. Once the skin has settled, facials could help with acne and other teenage skin challenges.

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