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Collagen Induction Therapies – Fact or Fiction?

Fact. There’s no doubt about it! Collagen induction therapies work for when you’re heading into your 40’s and are concerned your skin might start to drop. There’s no fiction to it, here’s why.

You can expect your skin to tighten, plump up and glow after a course of focused therapies. We use non-invasive treatments resulting in controlled trauma to the skin that is comfortable and pain free. Collagen induction therapies treat more than just sagging skin or jowls, but more on that later.

What are collagen induction therapies?

Ok, let’s cover the technical part first. Collagen is the prominent structural protein found in our body’s connective tissue. Natural collagen levels in our skin start to deplete as we age, which is why we may experience an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. 

Collagen induction therapies (CIT) help our skin produce more collagen, leaving skin looking and feeling youthful and encourages our skin to produce new skin cells. 

Will collagen induction therapies work for me?

Having collagen induction therapies can be truly life changing. At Elizabeth-M, it isn’t uncommon for women to have genuine delight at the results we’ve achieved through treatments. 

If your goal is to revive tired looking skin, reduce the wrinkles starting to appear, have your friends comment on how much you’re glowing and have your skin looking as soft as a babies bottom, then collagen induction therapies are the answer. 

Some of the best results have come from Bespoke Skincare Journeys where you work with Elizabeth for a minimum of three months. Together, we build a strategy of tailored treatments personal to you. 

Elizabeth is highly skilled in being able to read your skin and use a combination of treatments to achieve your skin goals. She will create the pathway to your best looking skin yet!

What skin concerns will CIT treat?

If you have been left with acne scarring on your skin, it can be easy to believe nothing will improve the skin’s texture and appearance. CIT can have a massive impact on reducing these scars as the increase in collagen in the skin plumps the appearance to reduce the scars from the inside out. 

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, or sun damage then the skin can be left with a blotchy, uneven complexion. CIT encourages new skin cell production which evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of sun damage. 

Do you suffer with large, open pores? Collagen Induction Therapy is perfect for this skin concern as it helps to plump up and minimise the appearance of pores.

Other skin concerns CIT will treat include sagging or loose skin around the neck, sagging jowls, loose skin on your arms or hands.

What treatments can I have with Elizabeth-M?

Now you know the impact Collagen Induction Therapy can have on your skin concerns, you’re perhaps wondering what treatments you can have with Elizabeth M to transform your skin once and for all.

We have a variety of the highest quality and professional machines in the industry. We are able to offer Microneedling, Radio Frequency Facial, and IPL amongst many other treatments.

At a guess, you’ve landed on this blog because some of the skin concerns described are occupying your thoughts. Well my friend, as we age, those thoughts are perfectly normal and you’re not alone in having them. 

Elizabeth-M exists to support you on your skincare journey and we love nothing more than helping you to truly fall back in love with yourselves. It’s time to embrace and enjoy your 40’s and beyond.

If you’re ready to start your journey, book your consultation today. The consultation appointment establishes your skin goals and gives Elizabeth M the opportunity to consider treatments that best suit your needs. We’ll cover your current skincare routine, history, lifestyle and an honest evaluation of your skin’s condition. 

This is where the journey to plumper, more youthful and healthier skin starts. 

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