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Healthy Skin Habits

It only takes a bit of mindfulness to begin healthy skin habits. Here are three great habits to start you on the road to better skin:

1. I have an experiment for you: spend the rest of your day mindful of how often you touch your face. It’s amazing how we absentmindedly rest a cheek on our hand, or let a finger linger after a cough or sneeze. Think about everything you touch with your hands during the day. Then think about the germs on your hands being transferred to your face.

2. Knackered at the end of the day? A few too many glasses of wine? A late night at the laptop working in a project? It’s often tempting to go straight to bed, but leaving makeup on throughout the night can wreak havoc on even the best skin. Always, always, always remove your makeup and moisturise before bed.

3. Beware of miracles. The billion-pound beauty industry has deep pockets for brilliant marketing in our favourite magazines, newspapers, and websites. We’re desperate to find the fountain of youth, and will believe anyone if they tell us what we want to hear. Be sceptical of everything. There is no holy grail. But we are lucky to have tools that can slow down and sometimes even reverse the skin ageing process and help us look the best we can.

And wear sunscreen! That’s the cheapest and easiest way to prevent skin damage.

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