Elizabeth M’s outdoors survival guide – how to protect your skin from the elements

We may be on the cusp of spring, but as most of us living north of the border can testify, ice cold temperatures, driving rain and skin-whipping wind can feature in our daily weather repertoire all year round.  So if you’re an outdoors girl, how do you protect your skin from the elements? Yes hikers, dog walkers and runners I’m looking at you especially. And, as skiing season is in full swing, many need to add in altitude and sun to that cocktail as well.

To help you protect your skin no matter what the weather, read my tips on weather-proofing your face come rain, hail or gale…

Gently does it

The key to happy skin – whether it’s out on the slopes or curled up on the sofa – is to use a gentle cleanser. Your face has enough thrown at it by harsh weather conditions so you don’t need to compromise its barrier further by using harsh, stripping washes.

Rich in ceramides (skin barrier supporting molecules), Cetaphil (available on the highstreet) is a great entry-level cleanser. I also love Medik 8 Lipid Balance Cleansing Oil which I tend to use to begin most of my treatments including my Signature Facial.

You can’t handle the heat so stay out of the shower

Hot water can create cracks in the surface of the skin, and as it evaporates when you step out of the bath or shower, it can lead to raw over exposed skin so make sure you moisturise stat – preferably in the comfort of your humid bathroom.

Put up a barrier

Whether you’re a ski bunny, hill climber or keen runner – if you’re out in the elements protect, protect, protect. If your outdoorsy, I recommend Ultimate Recovery Balm by Medik8 (rich in oats and so soothing) as the last step in any skincare routine.

Eat Well

Contrary to popular belief, drinks lots of water does not necessarily give you hydrated skin. Certainly it flushes away toxins and hydrates our body’s cells overall once its absorbed into the bloodstream, but there more efficient ways to target the skin, such as using hyaluronic acid daily. Instead try to focus on nourishing from the inside out. I usually recommend an omega–3 or omega-6 fatty acid supplement such as fish or flaxseed oil as – amongst many things – they help your skin hold on to moisture.

Stage an intervention

Want to make sure you finish winter with a spring in your skin? Book in for my Manual Sculpting and Lifting Facial. A deeply cleansing facial with lashings of hydrating, this signature hands-on treatment blends bespoke massage moves using Flexi London Face Tools with the power of the gold standard of facial oils.

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