Lumity Facial Oils on golden tray

New Treatment: Bespoke Lifting Lumity Facial

I’m aware that some people are skeptical about using facial oils, especially those with oily skin. The ones on the market today, however, have their roots in science and research, combining pure, healing oils to create potions that can help your skin look luminous.

Lumity is the gold standard of facial oils on the market today. It uses a blend of 32 botanical oils and extracts to create a gorgeous, nutrient-dense oil that helps skin maintain hydration and restore elasticity, radiance, and firmness.

Lumity contacted me in early 2018 and sent me a sample bottle. As soon as I opened the bottle, the scent, texture, and lack of greasy residue impressed me. It has become an absolute staple in my own skincare routine and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I’ve created a facial around this beautiful product that includes inhaling the scent of may change, mindful breathing, and massaging key acupressure points for deep relaxation followed by a manual sculpting and lifting facial.

You’ll also get a sample bottle of Lumity oil to take home.

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