aging sagging jowls - older women suffer from this condition as shown with the female in the image

Sagging Jowls – It’s Time To Try Defying Gravity.

It happens to us all. As we age, we can often develop loose skin that hangs along our lower jawline, cheeks and mouth. This is given the rather unattractive name of a “sagging jowl”.

As we age, the skin around our jawline loses elasticity and the skin’s production of collagen – our skin’s internal scaffolding –  decreases meaning it no longer has the strength to defy gravity. Sun damage, genetics, weight fluctuations and unhealthy lifestyle choices can all speed up the trajectory southwards and our faces lose definition as a result.

The good news is that we can fight back. Start with visiting your hydration stations. As we age, skin loses natural moisture, so make sure you are wearing a suitable moisturiser daily and staying hydrated. Wear suitable sunscreen daily to prevent sun damage. Smoking is known to cause excess jowls and maybe something you have wanted to reconsider anyway.

At Elizabeth-M, there is a range of treatment interventions help you combat the skin’s journey south, such as a Medical Grade Automatic Skin Pen. Using a roller to prick the skin’s surface with tiny 1.5mm needles, it makes micro channels into the epidermis and dermis to trigger the body’s natural healing process. Cue a repair and tightening effect. Growth factor hormones are released as a result of this ‘trauma’ too, promoting the production of healthy collagen, elastin and GAG’s (the skin’s moisture binders).

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU Face and Neck Lift) has become one of the most sought-after lifting treatments for the face and neck. This one-off treatment will help you achieve lighter, firmer and lifted skin. This face and neck lift is non-invasive and stimulates natural collagen production, helping to ease sagging jowls, providing you with a natural jowl lift. Think tight contouring and smooth skin.

A popular non-surgical facelift for Elizabeth-M clients, that uses a controlled micro current to tighten and tone the skin, including jowls is CACI (or Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument). The microcurrent machine uses probes to transmit tiny electrical signals through the skin to stimulate facial muscles.

There are a host of other tricks and treatments I have in my arsenal. If you would like to find out how best to start defying gravity and you are a new client, book in for a new client consultation.  

Contact Elizabeth today to start your journey for lifting your sagging jowls. 

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