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Hollywood Mask

The go-to treatment to the stars, the Hollywood Mask or Deesse Pro mask is a great for problem skin types using a safe yet effective light technology.

An A-List favourite, the Déesse Pro is a phototherapy mask. Commonly called an LED mask, it uses safe, low-level light therapy (LLLT) to treat the skin. Light therapy for all skin types.

Déesse Pro uses safe therapeutic doses of light therapy (LLLT) by way of colour changing LEDs to expose the skin to four wavelengths of light: blue, green, red and near infared. Light therapy is clinically proven to treat acne, whilst different lights are recognised for eliciting different natural skin responses at a cellular level. When combined, the treatment restores the radiance of your skin while reducing fine lines and even boosts collagen levels. No wonder this is the light therapy Madonna loves… 

DÉESSE PRO BLUE LIGHT (415NM) • Improves skin clarity • Blemish fighting action without irritation • Helps regulate natural oil production • Helps spot prone skin 

DÉESSE PRO GREEN LIGHT (520NM) • Reduces the production of melanin • Lightens and reduces existing pigmentation • Improves the skin complexion • Neutralises, balances and calms skin 

DÉESSE PRO RED LIGHT (630NM) • Increases the production of collagen and elastin • Help reduces fine lines • Improves skin texture and tone • Increases the skins natural hydration • Stimulates circulation and lymphatics • Revitalise the complexion • Restores the skin radiance 

DÉESSE PRO NEAR INFRARED LIGHT (830NM) • Boosts metabolism as more ATP produced • Rejuvenates the skin • Promotes circulation • Promotes scar healing • Improves loose, sagging skin • Increases skin elasticity five-fold • Reduces collagen loss 

Feel... you've had a face workout

Look... like you but with firmer contoured features

Pricing For Hollywood Mask

  • 30 mins
  • 10 course treatment package

Clients Reviews

highly recommend

“If you want to look your best and ready to attend a party or special event and not look how you actually feel inside, as a busy working women, then I highly recommend Liz for her facials. They lift the soul, as well as your lines, without having anything invasive”

Vixy Rae
best facialist ever

Absolutely the best facialist ever, no contest

Maureen Taylor
amazing facialist

When I first met Liz I suffered from acne and scarring but with the various treatments Liz recommended which included peels and micro-needling I can now say I have good skin. Such an amazing facialist who works with the client to achieve results. Definitely recommend!

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