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Why A Bespoke Facial?

Facials have become ubiquitous; from hair salons to high street shops, day spas to department stores, everyone seems to be doing facials nowadays.

But are these facials actually good for your skin? Sometimes.

For most places, offering facials is a money spinner to complement other services—say, massage therapy or pedicures. They often use products by a company they have done a deal with (which they will try to sell you afterwards) and offer a few varieties or treatments that are crafted to appeal to a broad range of potential clients.

Of course any facial can be helpful to help exfoliate and rehydrate skin. But as every person on the planet is different, so is every person’s skin. Expecting your skin to react to a product exactly like mine reacts is pointless. Our skin tells our story, and every story is different.

Bespoke facials put the client first, not the treatment or the product or the practitioner. This is why I begin each client relationship with a 30-minute consultation where we discuss your lifestyle and your goals for your skin. I explain the treatments that are particular to your needs and we discuss how we can move forward to ensure the best results. This might mean a mask, massage, and a variety of technologies to maximise your results. If you continue treatments, I will assess your skin at each appointment and tweak the routine to get the best outcome.

It’s like seeing a physio, but for your skin. Bespoke is best – and I promise you’ll see incredible results.

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