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Why Should You Choose A Skin Consultation with Elizabeth M

I trained at the prestigious London Esthetique School of Beauty under the formidable Beryl Barnard, former head of The Sanctuary at Harrods. Following this I then developed my craft across many acclaimed skin care salons in London before returning home to Edinburgh in 2000 to set up my own specialist skin care practice.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, I understand how to read clients and their skin. Using my background as a licenced aromatherapist, I combine my love of natural active skincare ingredients and traditional hands-on methods to get results for my customers.

My experience and expertise are just some of the reasons why you should book a skin consultation. Skin consultations are important to ensure you are getting the right service for your skin. Skin changes over time and you may find that your go-to treatment or skincare routine is no longer working. Perhaps your skin flushes more frequently than ever before, or your skin doesn’t quite bounce back the way it once did. Here is where my skin consultations can help!

Every individual has different skin concerns and dreams, and I sensitively recognise this. During a 30-minute skincare consultation, I will help you get to know your skin better and will provide you with expert advice on how to revive and restore your skin.

The aim of the consultation is to establish your skin goals and provide me with the opportunity to consider the treatments that best suit your skin’s needs. I advise you to use the consultation to speak openly about any concerns you may have about your skin and I will use my expertise and experience to provide you with the best advice and support.

The consultation includes a discussion about your current skincare routine and lifestyle with an honest evaluation of your skin’s condition, providing you with advice for the best skincare routine to suit your skin’s needs.

The skincare consultation ends with a bespoke results-driven treatment plan tailored to your skin’s needs.
Following the skincare consultation, you will be able to book a series, or one-off treatments from my list of ever-growing specialities.

Whether you would like to experience one of my Custom Facials, Non-Surgical Body Sculpting with 3D Lipo or experience the go-to treatment to the stars with a Hollywood Mask, I have a treatment for you.
What’s stopping you? Get in contact with me today and book your consultation, starting your journey to fresher, healthier skin!

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