Five Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin During Winter

Friday, 1 July 2022

Colder temperatures and lower humidity levels can have a serious impact on your skin. The dry air pulls moisture away from the skin, resulting in dryness. Winter is a time when you really need to take care of your skin. It’s just as important in winter as it is in the summer months. Below are five ways to take care of your skin during winter that you can introduce to your winter skincare routine.

1. Still apply SPF

Yes even in winter you need to apply your SPF. While there may be less UVB around in winter, the levels of UVA are still significant enough to age our skin. Look for an SPF that has a high UVA rating. I recommend ​​La Roche-Posay Anthelios Age Correct SPF50+ which contains dermatological actives to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots and improve skin elasticity.

2. Keep hydrated

When it’s colder, your skin can become more sensitive. Things like central heating can even dry out the skin so this is another reminder to stay hydrated and aim to get your 2-3 litres of water per day. Another way to boost your hydration in the skin is using Sheet Masks. Sheets Masks are amazing for hydrating and smoothing skin. The Forlle’d Hyalogy P-Effect Sheet Mask – available through Elizabeth M –  is the Rolls Royce of face masks helping to improve pigmentation, soften lines and soften wrinkles.

3. Consider professional skin treatments

Taking care of your skin is an all-year-round job and the journey to having great skin takes time. I recommend regular treatments that suit your skin and even more so during the winter months. We want to ensure the moisture is locked in and protected in those colder temperatures so we don’t ruin any of the hard work you’ve put into your skin up to then. Here at Elizabeth M, your facial is tailored to exactly what your skin needs by pulling on my ability to read skin quickly and efficiently. I know what works and am here to support you. I invite you to explore my consultation process here.

4. Be prepared to tweak your skincare routine

This is something that is often overlooked. As the temperature changes, you may find the products your skin demands of you will change too. Too often, I see people carrying out the same skincare routine in the winter as they do in summer. As the levels of moisture adjust, it’s highly possible you may need an additional serum or a different moisturiser. You have to be prepared to adapt to what your skin is calling out for. Visiting your trusted facialist will be best so they can advise what changes to make to your routine.

5. Layer up at night time

Although night creams are designed to quench the skin with hydration, they also work to boost collagen production, clear up dry patches and encourage skin cell turnover. Your skin absorbs active ingredients better at night time than it does during the day so if you’re not using one, now’s the time to start.

I hope that in sharing with you some of the ways you can take care of your skin during winter, you feel encouraged to make your skincare routine a priority during colder temperatures. If you would like support in building a routine suitable for your skin, contact Elizabeth M here.

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