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nappage Mesotherapy treatment edinburgh

Mesotherapy Nappage

Mesotherapy Nappage is an all natural and safe non surgical skin rejuvenation treatment that can provide instant hydration to your face.
3d Lipo Edinburgh

3D Lipo Edinburgh

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting That Reduces Fat, Cellulite And Eliminates Sagging Skin and Helps You To Lose Stubborn Hard To Shed Weight
Remove and Rebuild Treatment demonstration

Red Carpet Facial

An Elizabeth M signature treatment, the Red Carpet Facial offers up the ultimate skin overhaul for that special event.
Elizabeth M recommends - Initial skin consultation with Edinburgh's best facialist

New Client Consultation

Get to know your skin better and receive expert advice on how to revive and restore it to it’s most radiant with a 1-2-1 consultation with Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M massages clients forehead - signature facial treatment

Elizabeth M Custom Facial

Elizabeth M’s signature treatment is the go to facial and one that has become very popular with regular customers who want to look their very best.
3d Lipo Edinburgh

HIFU Face And Neck Lift

Sometimes referred to as the “lunchbreak face lift” HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) has become one Elizabeth M’s most sought after treatments
Elizabeth M massages clients forehead - signature facial treatment

Glycolic Acid Peel

This gentle glycolic acid treatment penetrates the top layer of skin helping you to shed the old skin cells revealing a fresh, youthful glow.
Elizabeth M Skincare Recommends - IPL treatment being used on client

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

The perfect remedy for specific skin problems such as rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, thread veins and acne.
Oxygeneo wand in use by the best facialist in Edinburgh


The natural healing power of pure oxygen on the skin together with Elizabeth M’s specifically formulated Gels and nutrients For amazing results
Elizabeth M - Skin Potions and recommendations

ME LINE Hyper-pigmentation PEEL

ME LINE Hyper-pigmentation peels are an innovative treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles
Elizabeth M recommends - Manual Sculpting & Lifting Facial with essential oils

Sculpt & Lift Facial

The treatment to rejuvenate and define your features – this Elizabeth “hands on” treatment uses tools and oils to bring your face to life.
Flexi tools - Derma roller using for micro-needling treatment

Skinroller Skin Needling

an exceptional treatment for acne scarring and deep wrinkles due to sun damage.
Most Wanted - Elizabeth M recommends - CACI equipment being used on client -


The perennial non-surgical facelift and one of the most popular with Elizabeth M clients and skincare professionals industry wide
The Hollywood Mask or Deesse Pro Mask for all problem skin problems

Hollywood Mask

The go-to treatment to the stars, the Hollywood Mask or Deesse Pro mask is a great for problem skin types using a safe yet effective light technology.
Cool lifting gun treatments operated by Elizabeth M

CooLifting Gun

The anti-ageing shortcut. Immediately smoothes and lifts the skin and follows through with a lasting rejuvenating effect.

How To Reach Your Skincare Goals...

As one of Scotland’s leading skincare specialists Elizabeth M is the go-to expert for the best facial in Edinburgh.
Relax and unwind safe in the knowledge that you will leave with a result that you can see and feel for yourself.
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