The new powerhouse in the world of skincare technology, 3D Dermaforce is one of the most advanced skin rejuvenating treatments there is.

Dermaforce combines two technologies: Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) and microneedling.

RF generates an electric current that heats up the epidermis causing the skin’s collagen fibres to retract and lift which gives you a firmer more taught appearance.

Secondly, microneedling is used to tighten by creating a series of tiny wounds in the skin to stimulate collagen production and skin cell rejuvenation.

A course of three treatments – that can feature as part of a skincare journey – is typically recommended for optimal results.

How much does Dermaforce cost?

    Dermaforce including LED

    • 60 minutes£350
    • Course of 3 (recommended)£995
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Elizabeth’s treatments are available on their own or as part of a bespoke skincare journey


1. Your Consultation

Every Elizabeth M skincare journey starts with an hour-long new client consultation. During this appointment Liz will examine your skin and have an in-depth discussion about your challenges and goals.

Consultations can be booked as standalone appointments or in conjunction with an introductory facial. In addition, all clients will leave with a skincare prescription and a treatment plan.


2. Your Introduction

Whilst everyone’s skin is different, and as such no two treatment plans will be the same, all Elizabeth M skincare journeys begin with an intensive series of introductory appointments. Liz will often see or speak to you multiple times a week during this phase in order to get your skin on the right track. She also likes to see how it responds to different products and treatments. At this point Liz will supply you with all the products and supplements needed for your personalised at-home regime. It’s at this stage she may also refer you to complimentary therapists if extra support is needed for your skincare journey.


3. Your Transformation

Once your skincare journey is underway Liz will see you as often as your treatment plan dictates. As skincare journeys are highly personal – and may also be tweaked as they progress – this will vary from month to month and from face to face. However, all clients can look forward to a minimum of two 90-minute bespoke facials per month. Liz remains on call for clients during her business hours throughout this time and will also be on hand to refill skincare prescriptions as required.

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