IPL Skin Rejuvenation

The perfect remedy for specific skin problems such as rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, thread veins and acne.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvenation uses light to heat the under layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and plumping the epidermis. A course of six treatments is recommended.

Following a layer of cooling gel which numbs and cools the skin to aid the penetration of the light, Elizabeth M uses the state-of-the-art Lynton Luminette machine to target problem areas on the skin.

The IPL handpiece emits short, intense pulses of light that are set to skin-specific wavelengths. Whether targeting sun damage of thread veins, the pulse of light targets the exact problem area heating it up to a point at which it is broken down – leaving the surrounding tissue untouched.

Here’s What our Clients Say

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! If you want to look your best and ready to attend a party or special event and not look how you actually feel inside, as a busy working woman, then l highly recommend Liz for her facials. They lift the soul, as well as your lines, without having anything invasive.

Vixy Rae

I found Liz’s website. I read her bio, credentials etc and thankfully they hold up! Liz REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to facial skincare, electrical treatments  & chemicals. As I also work in the industry it’s sometimes challenging to find someone you feel knows exactly what they’re on about, but I can honestly say that’s 100% not the case with Liz.

Sarah N

The most Superior knowledge of skin and advanced facial procedures of any other skin care therapist. Liz really is the best, she makes my skin look insanely good after one treatment. I look forward to my appointment every 4-6 weeks. Thanks Liz!

Gill B

Liz has always been at the cutting edge of the latest non invasive skincare and anti ageing treatments and her new Geneo machine is the best yet. The results are fantastic… You notice a difference after just one treatment. It’s great for the face but even better, it’s the only treatment I’ve had that really works wonders on your neck area. Don’t just take my word for it…. Find out for yourself!

Valerie W

Amazing facialist! When I first met Liz I suffered from acne and scarring but with the various treatments, Liz recommended, which included peels and micro-needling I can now say I have good skin. Such an amazing facialist who works with the client to achieve results. Definitely recommend!


I would recommend Elizabeth, she is very professional, knowledgeable and has so much experience. I have had issues with my skin for years and she made me feel comfortable and I thought it was great she asks you to go through your current skincare routine on the first consultation. I went for the ME LINE PEEL where I have noticed a huge difference in my skin.

Kelly Scollon

Sensational facials with Liz. I love my visits, and Liz does an absolutely fabulous job every time. Everything is tailored exactly to what I need in a facial, Professional, exceptional and top class.

Leila McCardle

I had an amazing treatment with Liz – her bespoke facial was so relaxing and tailored perfectly for my challenging skin. I came away having had a high quality experience and my skin was glowing and fresh looking. I was so happy with the results and noticeable improvements, I will definitely be going back for a full course of treatments.

Ebony Carbory

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