The Art Of Layering Facial Technologies

Monday, 17 October 2022

about elizabeth m with dark haired and olive skinned women with eyes closed

When it comes to our at-home skincare regime, we all know that layering is best. The same goes for facials, and since I’ve applied this principle to my treatments, I’ve supercharged my results.

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, it’s about reading what the skin needs and then using the right modalities – in the right order – to magnify their benefits. I use layers of treatments upon treatments designed solely for your skin’s needs. Over time when this is done as part of a Powerful Solutions Skincare Journey – with the prescription deftly tweaked at every appointment – it’s no wonder that the process is truly transformative.

Do you want younger looking, tighter and more luminous skin?

Microneedling and RadioFrequency (RF) are the perfect pair. The cream and the strawberries if you will. Both delicious isolation but the together pack a much bigger punch.

This duo is ideal for a wide range of skin types with both skin tone and skin texture concerns. In one visit I can address multiple problems or attack the same concern from multiple angles. Take the bugbear that is fine lines and wrinkles for example. RF heats up the epidermis to make the skin’s collagen scaffolding retract and lift. Then picking up where the RF left off, the trauma-causing microneedling sees the skin switch into repair and regrow mode. Over time, this floods the area with freshly made collagen. Tightening and toning … and all with minimal downtime.

Another typical treatment layering technique I like to use would be a session of  muscle lifting CACI (this microcurrent treatment is like taking your face to the gym) followed by RF for skin tightening so you’re truly tackling the understructure of the face and neck as well as the skin itself.

The third layer of technology I love to use is my Celluma Face Mask that harnesses the power of light therapy. I rely on red light to supercharge any collagen boosting work I’ve been doing with, say, a Geneo facial. With microneedling and RF meanwhile it works beautifully on its blue light setting which is ideal for taking down redness, killing bacteria and speeding up healing. By speeding up recovery time exponentially it leaves clients ready to face the world and means a lunchtime facelift really can be just that.