The Future Of Skin Rejuvenation

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Good skin is a journey, not a destination.

My clients may be tired of hearing this, but like anything in life, there is no magic pill unfortunately…unless we’re talking about collagen supplements which, in my opinion, are rather magical for skin.

Why one-off treatments don’t work

The reality is that great skin doesn’t come from one treatment and the true antiaging benefits of any technology – no matter how high end – cannot be reaped in just a few sessions. In fact, no matter how expensive the facial or advanced the technology, booking a facial in isolation or a course of treatments without at-home skincare support is not a wise investment.

That’s not to say a facial can’t make skin look good for a few hours – or even a few days – by moisturising it, removing the surface skin cells that dull the complexion or reducing blemishes with extraction. However, skin returns to its natural state within 3-5 days, so expecting anything more would be like going to the gym a few times and looking for abs. To truly transform your looks, skin it needs to be worked on repeatedly. We need to improve cellular communication – literally the way your skin is working – encouraging it to build collagen and tighten muscles to evoke long-lasting change.

Introducing Skincare Journeys

That’s why I have set out to offer my clients something different. Something that – as unsexy as the words commitment and consistency may sound – will get your skin into the shape of its life. Introducing skincare journeys with Elizabeth M.

As Edinburgh’s best facialist, I’m lucky enough to have built up a loyal client base who have entrusted me with their skin for years now. And whilst I was able to offer great results with, say, a course of IPL – that uses heat and light to boost collagen production – or an annual HIFI treatment – which utilises ultrasound waves to help the face defy gravity – I knew I could do so much more.

Skincare Journeys allow me to do this. Working intensively with clients for a minimum of three months, I can see them as regularly as I feel I need to. That can be twice a month or twice a week.

Moreover, I am not constrained to offering one type of product or technology but have the freedom to incorporate lots of different technologies, modalities and products in one facial.  As mentioned in my previous blog, the art of layering technology, it’s when these modalities are combined at the right time – and in the right order – that the best results reveal themselves.

Bespoke Facials To Suit Your Skin

My facials are the antithesis of a one-size fits all treatment and are not one offs either. There are no scripts or set moves in a facial with me – I work intuitively, reading my clients’ skin, responding to its needs and helping them to achieve their skincare goals. It’s not a package, but rather a bespoke programme that will tackle your biggest bugbears with a 360 degree approach.

It’s a simple fact, although often so hard to implement – if you want to look good, you have to look after yourself. That’s why my skincare journeys also include a prescription of take-home products to use every day as well as beauty supplements to support the journey. I refer clients to complimentary therapists such as nutritionists or acupuncturists if I feel this is needed. I’m also only a WhatsApp away for any queries or concerns they might have. And this may be one of my most treasured parts of my job. Skincare journeys allow me to be the trusted advisor and skincare coach I want to be for my clients.

A New Skincare Mindset

I’m passionate about encouraging women to abandon the quick-fix – or one-treatment – mindset to beauty and adopt an altogether more sustainable, holistic, approach. You are unique, and as such, your skin needs unique and sustained support. And it is this bespoke support that can be transformative in the most powerful sense.